Benefits of Support Groups During COVID-19

Support groups are a widely available resource offered on just about every topic. They’re the very best reminder you that, as isolating as your struggle with any issue can be, you’re unlikely to be alone. Others are struggling as well.

Reaching out for help enables you to express your feelings, learn information, and live and cope with challenges in your life. During COVID-19 and social distancing, while you’re unlikely to meet in a room with others, online support groups can empower you in your daily life. Here are some important (even life-changing) benefits of support groups and the social connection they provide.

1. Expressing your feelings, even if you’re not sure how
Have you ever felt it was difficult to open up to the people in your life? Even those closest to you? You’re not alone in this. We think of our loved ones as understanding us on a deep level — even thinking (hopefully) that it obviates the need to tell them our feelings. If you’re frustrated, sad, upset, or confused, then it can be difficult to let them know. They may not intuitively understand your pain or problems, and that can be hurtful (even if it’s no one’s fault!). Strangely, people often find that expressing thoughts, feelings, or problems to a stranger in a safe setting can be much easier. This is one of the reasons why a support group can be so helpful. You can talk about your experiences without fear of judgment and begin to feel supported and comfortable.

2. Learning helpful information
Support groups often offer practical tips, guidance, information, and resources about particular concerns. You’ll gain actionable ways to change your situation. Not only will you receive guidance from the group leader, you will learn from other group members’ experiences. People walk away from support groups with new coping skills that can change the way they live life.

3. Increasing self-understanding
Unhappiness sometimes occurs when you feel “stuck” in life, and it’s certainly easy to feel stuck in a year like 2020 when there are so many unknowns. The world is dealing with illness, a pandemic, changing work situations, political and racial tensions, and so much more. Looking inward and increasing your self-understanding can help you learn more effective ways to cope and handle difficult situations.

4. Gaining access to affordable care
While therapy is incredibly valuable, many find that it isn’t an economically accessible option for them. Support groups are less expensive than individual therapy sessions and provide many of the same benefits. Additionally, in a world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it also provides a social outlet where you can see other people each week outside of those with whom you work or quarantine. You’ll have access to all of these advantages without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts
Are you ready to get started with a support group? The Quarterlife Center offers four virtual support groups, facilitated by therapists, which are being offered for a reduced fee during the pandemic. If you have concerns related to career growth during this time, there are also career coaching options (offered virtually) that can help you stay connected, socialize, and build new skills. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support and guidance.

f you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or you’d like more information, please contact us.

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