Career Coaching Groups Online and Half-Price During the Pandemic!

Are you stuck at home quarantined during COVID-19? Our virtual career coaching groups are great while you’re teleworking and have more flexibility in your schedule! Our groups are a perfect way to stay connected, socialize, and build new connections. Let’s use this time well to get ahead together!

For many quarterlifers, getting clarity about your life and career, and finding a job, are huge sources of stress. Whether it’s the job you have, the one you wish you had, or the one you have not yet imagined — thinking about it probably consumes a lot of your time and energy. We know that there are unlimited career issues that quarterlifers deal with, and we are skilled at helping you figure it all out.

QLC’s career coaching groups are a great way to receive support and guidance from our certified career coach in a small-group format.

We offer 2 types of career groups at QLC, and all of them are virtual and half-price during COVID-19!

4-Week Career & Life Design Group (Virtual)

Are you undecided about your career path? Looking to explore new possibilities for the future and find new inspiration? The Career & Life Design Group is great for people who want to find more clarity about life and career, while being supported in a group with others on a similar journey. In this deep dive group, you’ll gain more clarity about where you are, and where you want to go both personally and professionally. For more information about this group, please click here.

Registration is open for our upcoming virtual Career & Life Design Group that begins on Wednesday, July 1st.
Click here for details and registration.

4-Week Job Search Skills Group (Virtual)

Have you been thinking about a career change for a while, but haven’t had the time to focus on it? If your resume, LinkedIn profile, and job search strategy have been on the back burner, this newfound time at home during COVID-19 may be the perfect opportunity to get ahead!

This group, offered via video, is best for people who already know what they want to do, and are looking for accountability and new job search skills. This group will help you execute a strategy as you move toward your professional goals. For more information about this group, please click here.

Registration is open for our upcoming virtual Job Search Skills Group!
Click here for details and registration.